Fixed LED Screen For Advertising

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Fixed led display can’t move and installed in a fixed place.

But its quality requirements is much higher in an all-weather working environment.

Seamless LED screen, flexible and economical size, and the segmentation function of synthetic images.

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Fixed LED Screen For Advertising

Fixed led screen ranges from outdoor fixed LED screen to indoor fixed LED display advertising application fields. Commercial advertising LED screen has vivid colors and sharp images. It could deliver amazing visual impact. And could more attract those passing by to maximize the media advertising value.

Commercial advertising LED screen is called large led display. widely used as LED billboard to replace traditional advertising billboards. Always used on both street sides, in shopping malls, airport, bus and rail stations, visitor attractions, exhibition halls etc.

Outdoor advertising led screen is also called outdoor fixed led display, features large screen size, waterproof IP65 and high brightness. Guaranteeing clear and vivid image effect even under strong direct sunlight. Enable themselves to work in all weather conditions to guarantee durability, reliability and steady.

Indoor led advertising board is utilizing SMD technology to reach high resolution, wide viewing angle and more natural color image requirement.

Commercial Display The conference room is used for the daily meetings of government and enterprises. The conference display device is a necessary way to improve work efficiency, because it collects more than 60% of the perceptual information. However, the function of traditional liquid crystal display (LCD) is weakened by low brightness, limited vision, blurred image and high requirements for conditions. Therefore, the conference value cannot be maximized. Based on the most advanced hd technology, visual aleader thin spacing LED video wall ensures the smooth “transaction-execution-feedback” instruction process through its seamless LED screen, flexible and economical size, and the segmentation function of synthetic images. Application: Government and business, Army’s office, communications center, airport, highway command center, police department, energy and finance departments.



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