Transparent LED Glass Display Screen

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Transparent LED Glass Display Screen

As a new star in the field of led display, transparent LED display has comprehensive advantages.
Ultra-thin and lighter weight without any steel frame. You can install it like curtains. It is an excellent product that can beautify modern glass buildings and expand the function of advertising buildings.

Wide range of applications

Widely used in shopping malls, large building glass curtain walls, stage background led displays, casinos, carnivals, concerts, exhibitions, chain stores and clothing stores, even in Bnak windows, etc. It’s installed inside, but the outside is very bright.

High transparency

Special product design -The transparency of glass led display from P3.75 to P20 is 55%-90%. Approaching it is like a shutter, away from it you can’t find anything.

Humanized installation
This transparent led display does not have any steel frame cabinet, you can directly hang it on the wall with our hanging beam. All cables are hidden, ensuring the entire module is gorgeous.

Fast Maintenance
Glass led video wall led display is stable and safe when light on. Only take out one led bar loosing the bracket,you can easily change the defective leds within 30s.

Energy Saving 50%
Outdoor 50% energy saving is other attractive advantage of glass led display.All the black underpainting of images will be lightless on transparent led display,and all the images will be more cool and glaring.



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