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Ultra Wide Strip Shelf Edge Advertising Digital Signage Monitor Type Stretched Bar Lcd Display Screen

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Stretched Bar LCD Display Key Features:
1. TFT LCD screen,LED backlight,1920*158 resolution, 500nits,
2. Solution: Android 4core, ARM Cortex-A9 R4, 28nm , with USB,OTG WIFI RJ45,TF card,5.1OS, including software license,cloud control.
3. Including bracket to fixed to the shelf

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Ultra Wide Strip Shelf Edge Advertising Digital Signage Monitor Type Stretched Bar Lcd Display Screen

Stretched LCD display is also known as ultra wide lcd monitor. Widely used in public transportation, exhibition hall and every kind of stores, railway and so on.

What is a strip LCD screen:

Strip LCD refers to a strip LCD with a larger aspect ratio than ordinary monitors. Because of its diverse sizes, clear display, and rich functions, it is used in many industries such as retail, transportation, banking, and enterprises, and the scope of use is expanding.

The Stretchedbar LCD screen is combined with the information release system to support basic functions such a s split-screen playback, time-sharing playback, and timing switch; it supports terminal group management, account authority management, and system security management; Screen synchronization, linked playback, etc.

With excellent hardware quality, comprehensive software functions, and powerful system customization capabilities, Stretched bar LCD screens have been exported to more than 30 countries around the world, and the application scenarios include retail shelves, subway platforms, bank windows, enterprise elevators, etc.

Application scenarios of Stretched bar LCD screen:

1. Large shopping malls and supermarkets

Shopping malls and supermarkets are the places that gather the most people. Through the bar screen to introduce the detailed content or parameters of products to customers, it can greatly attract traffic and increase the probability of purchase.

In addition, under the impact of the new retail model, major shopping malls have begun to change their appearances, using shelf bar screens as a tool for advertising and sales assistance.

2, subway, bus stop signs

can be used as a bus and subway indoor station announcement screen, displayed in buses and subway cars, and comprehensively display vehicle arrival information and other multimedia advertising information.

The audience of the car-mounted strip screen is concentrated. Taking the bus-mounted strip screen as an example, the bus is still one of the main means of transportation for the public, and there are as many as one million passengers every day. The number of people it carries is enormous.

“Free time” is leisurely and boring. If there is a colorful display screen in front of it to broadcast news, entertainment, weather, advertisements, ride information, etc., this kind of “cramming” reading media can attract the attention of passengers to the greatest extent. , it must be able to achieve a good advertising effect.

3. Banks, hospitals

In order to provide financial services for customers, the bar screen can provide timely and accurate financial information; hospital registration, attending doctors and other publicity and display needs.

4. Advertising media

The Stretched bar screen perfectly combines pictures, videos, text and sound, and has the characteristics of high definition, high brightness, bright colors, vivid images, simple and bright, etc. With its unique advantages, it has become a new force in the advertising media industry.

Whether it is a shelf bar screen, a car Stretched bar screen, or a hospital or bank Stretched bar screen, they all have the common characteristics of a wide audience and huge market potential. Low-cost media is sure to attract the attention of many advertisers.

Datasheet of  23.1 inch High Bright Bar Streched LCD Display:

Stretched Bar LCD Display
Panel Specifications
Panel type
Diagonal Aspect Ratio
Viewing Angle
H178º/ V178º
surface treatment
AG coating (Haze 40%)
more than 60000
ARM Cortex-A9 R4, 28nm
TF Card
can support up to 128GB
Power Supply
AC100~250V 50/60 HZ
including software to upload advertising contents,cloud control
AVI,MOV, MKV, WEBM,MP4, M4V, FLV, 3GP, 3G2,3GPP,DAT,VOB, EVO,MPG, ASF, TP, TRP, TS, M2TS, MTS, H. 265(HEVC)1080P 30fps,H.264
(BP/MP/HP level 4.1,1920X1080@60fps), H. 263(profile 3,1920X1080@60fps), S263(profile 3,1920X1080@60fps),MPEG-1(MP,
1920X1080@60fps),MPEG-2(MP, 1920X1080@60fps ), MPEG-4(ASP,1920X1080@60fps), Xvid(Home theater 1920X1080@60fps), MJPEG
(baseline,1920X1080@60fps), ON2 (1920X1080@60fps),Divx(3.11,1280×720@60fps, support mulitple language display
Power Supply
AC100~250V 50/60 HZ
Power Supply


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