Portable sewer pipe inspection with fiberglass push cable camera

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Portable sewer pipe inspection with fiberglass push cable camera

Our industrial borescope can meet the requirements of most industries. We will provide you with the best endoscope camera. We produce the best endoscopes. Borescope inspection can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble. Besides, the after-sale service of industrial borescope is perfect. If you need the best borescope inspection camera, Yateks is your first choice. Here are the best endoscopes, best endoscope inspection cameras, and portable endoscopes.

For each of the following industrial endoscopes, we have provided you with the most detailed borescope inspection scope introduction.

An endoscope is a type of precision instrument. The first part of the industrial endoscope is a display monitor, and the second part of the industrial endoscope is a flexible insertion tube. What calls special attention is that the line consists of two essential parts: an optical lens and a micro-camera sensor. The best endoscope camera is widely applied in aviation, ship, chemical, engine, power, boiler, automotive industry etc.


Camera diameter:
A:23mm B:17mm C:6.5mm D:145mm E:42mm H:25mm
With the tube diameter:
≥Camera diameter + 2mm
Camera light source:
LED with high while light
Water proof:
Investigation depth:
10-20 meters (selectable line length.)
Camera material:
Stainless steel
Menu languages:
Multi-language, eg: Chinese, English ect.
Camera picture:
Continuous use time for battery:
Approximate 6-8 hours
Camera spare parts:

1. metal contact chip        2. spring

3. highlight white led         4. camera lens
DVR recording functions :
With or without
WiFi functions :
With or without
LCD display size:
7 inch or 9 inch


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