Marine LCD display-Marine approved monitors

Reliable and flexible solutions to the marine, shipping and offshore industry.

Whether you have a patrol boat, commercial fishing vessel, OSV or superyacht, there is a Simrad monitor to meet your needs.

From Type Approved displays to externally controlled pilothouse monitors, and multi-touch touchscreens with pinch to zoom gesture control, Horap monitors are suited to all installations, maximising views while minimising use of crucial dash space.

The Marine monitor is specifically designed to withstand the maritime environment and our displays are shock mountable and vibration tested. The displays are suitable for use in charting and radar, ECDIS, control rooms and for general naval use. Features available within the range include IP sealing, deep dimming, touch screens and a range of large format displays. Many are certified by an independent test house to meet stringent demands of EN 60945, the international standard for maritime navigation and radio communications equipment and systems.

The Marine approved display range are sealed from IP65 upwards and are designed to be up-rated to comply with MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461.

Features available within the Marine LCD Monitor Range include:

Display size range from 3.5 to 57”

Custom designs including spec, colour, finish and format

Deep dimming (to low light or black as required)

Sunlight readability

LCD for CRT replacement, enables replacement of obsolete CRT displays with current LCD monitors

Marine PC can be integrated into a naval display

Custom LCD monitors can be designed to marine specification

Mounting Options

Night vision compliant

We also provide a range of mounting options: LCD rack mount monitors, LCD panel mount monitors, LCD chassis monitors, LCD head mount displays and portable displays

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