Industrial LCDs

Industrial LCD is a subset of the LCD market designed to meet the needs of specialized manufacturing, rugged terrain testing, outdoor uses, and hobbyists. They can currently be found in kiosks, gaming systems, ATMs, digital media advertising, manufacturing, and point of sale systems. Industrial LCD displays are available in open frame LCD displays, Aluminum front Bezel LCDs, and Front side NEMA4/IP65 Aluminum Front Bezel LCDs. All of these options have built in OSD, and are available in high brightness for use in direct sunlight. Whether your application requires a dust and water tight environment, or a custom mounting solution has the Industrial LCD for you.

We offer Industrial LCD Monitor units in sizes ranging from 6.5 inch diagonal viewing area up to a 40 inch Widescreen high definition display. These LCDs come with a standard VGA port, but can be customized to include a wide range of options including AV (a combination of BNC and S-Video), TV tuner with remote control, DVI-D, HDMI, and Quad Screen Display. All of the displays can also be customized to include touch screen capabilities using either Serial or USB interfaces and are capable of either resistive or capacitive touch screen functionality. For users who wish to install their display in automobiles or other locations that use DC power, these displays are also available with 12, 24, and 48 volt DC power options. Industrial LCDs are also available with a range of mounting capabilities including VESA mounts, but are highly customizable to match your specific use.

We also offer customized solutions for end user applications. Please contact us for complete system design for your Industrial LCD Applications.

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