Industrial LCD monitor Applications

Main Application areas:Industrial Automation: Designed with proper structure and built with industrial-grade components like high-performance CPUs, hard disks and other options to deliver reliable 24/7 operation in the most challenging factory conditions, with additional features like waterproof, dust proof, -30 to 85 ℃ wide temperature range and so on.Oil and gas: it comes with a …

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Industrial LCD monitors

Industrial LCD monitor displays are equipment used in industry, which are very different from ordinary LCD monitor displays. The structural materials of industrial monitor displays are generally made of aluminum alloy, which has good heat dissipation performance. Industrial lcd monitor displays have high requirements on the environment. LCD monitor Displays must not only adapt to …

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CCTV Monitors

CCTV Monitor is one of the most important elements of CCTV systems that provide real-time feedback from CCTV cameras and security surveillance equipment. CCTV cameras digital signal needs to be converted into a visual picture and this can happen thanks to the specially designed monitors. These CCTV screens are more than regular HDMI or VGA …

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