Routine maintenance of industrial LCD displays

The entire industrial lcd display has no electricity. This is actually a very simple fault. Generally, there are two types of industrial lcd display power supplies: internal power supply and external power supply. The external power supply is more common. No matter what kind of power supply, its structure is much simpler than that of a CRT monitor. The most vulnerable components are small components, such as fuses, input inductors, switching tubes, and zener diodes. A relatively rare fault is that the power supply does not start due to the CPU of the motherboard. The principle of this situation is actually very simple, that is, it passes the key board to the CPU, and then outputs a control signal through the CPU to drive the power supply and transform the work of the integrated circuit.

The industrial lcd display lights up and then stops, but the power indicator light is always on. This kind of problem is mostly caused by abnormal high voltage and belongs to the circuit protection action. In this case, there is usually a display on the LCD screen, and the way to see it is to “squint”. The key point of maintenance is to compare repair methods. Because the design of the high-voltage board of industrial lcd displays generally adopts a symmetrical design, and there is basically no chance that both sides will be broken at the same time. Products that have been used for a long time are prone to problems with step-up transformers and lamps, while new products have relatively more protection circuit and process problems

The problem of bright lines or dark lines on the screen is generally a fault of the industrial LCD screen. A bright line fault is usually caused by a problem with the cable connected to the LCD screen itself. A dark line is usually caused by leakage of the display itself. The above two problems are basically a death sentence for industrial monitors. The repair value is not high because the cost of repair is high. , it’s better to replace it with a new one.

4. Problems such as blurry screen or white screen are mainly caused by problems with the driving voltage of the display screen. If the driving circuit of the display screen is on the motherboard, then it should be a failure of the motherboard. If the driving circuit of the industrial display is on the LCD screen, this kind of problem will occur. In this case, the display screen should be replaced, and the risk of repair is also high.

5.Color cast faults can generally be solved by adjusting the maintenance adjustment mode.

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