10.1 inch High Bright LCD Advertising Player


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10.1 inch High Bright LCD Advertising Player

The LCD advertising Player uses LCD monitors to play video advertisements, which is especially suitable for the integrated multimedia technology of high-end brands, and conveys a full range of product information and promotional information to consumers. Improve the display rate and display effect of products at the sales terminal, and stimulate impulsive purchases. It is placed next to the products in the store and can be automatically opened for publicity. Compared with other traditional media and promotion methods, the investment is extremely low and the cost performance is extremely high.

Product Features:
Lightweight and ultra-thin fashion design;
Perfect ad playback control function;
Support MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, VCD, DVD and other video formats;
Wide viewing angle, high-brightness LCD screen;
Support CF card playback media, and the stored video files can be played in a loop;
Support wireless network for maintenance and update;
Automatic startup and shutdown every day, no need for manual maintenance all year round;
There is a security anti-theft device on the back, which is directly fixed on the shelf;
High level of shock resistance, artificial collision does not affect normal playback;
It has a wide range of uses and can be used in banks, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, campuses, communities, airports, outdoor information kiosks, etc.
Support BSV LCD splicing technology to realize the popular splicing of advertising player.
Product classification Classified by performance: stand-alone LCD advertising player, network version LCD advertising player, touch screen advertising player, Bluetooth advertising player.
Classified by application: indoor advertising player, outdoor high-brightness advertising player, vehicle advertising player, DID LCD splicing wall (since indoor/indoor can be subdivided) and so on.
Classified by display mode: horizontal LCD advertising player, vertical LCD advertising player, split-screen LCD advertising player, wall-mounted LCD advertising player, and synthetic mirror advertising player.

Promotion advantage
Accurate target audience: it is aimed at audiences who are about to make purchases;
Strong anti-interference ability: when consumers enter the supermarket to buy goods, their attention is on the shelves;
Novel form of publicity: The form of publicity in the form of multimedia next to the product is very novel, and it is currently the most fashionable and novel form of advertising in shopping malls;
Exemption of modification fees: Any previous advertising form, including printed matter, has a fee for modifying the content, which can effectively cooperate with TV advertising (1% of TV advertising costs, 100% of TV advertising effects.) It can be consistent with the content of TV advertising, and can be used in sales On the important link of the terminal, continue to guide consumers to purchase;
Long advertising period: It can be continued for a long time, and it can be advertised next to the product 365 days a year without manual maintenance. The cost is extremely low, the audience is extremely wide, and the cost performance is extremely high.
Convenient update: Multiple advertising machines can be controlled remotely for online synchronous update.

Name Model LAP-H101WM
LCD Screen Screen Size 10.1 inch
Resolution 1280×800/1920*1200(optional)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio 800:1
Brightness 650cd/㎡
Viewing Angle H170º /V170º
Color Number 16.7M
Response Time 12ms
Life Time 50,000 Hours
Display Area 217.0(W)×135.6mm(H)
Hardware CPU RK3288 Cortex-A17 Quad up to 1.8 GHz
Backoffice Software B/S Architecture, Multimedia Information Display System
RAM DDR-III 2GB (2GB optional)
Connectors 1xRJ45,2xUSB


OS Andoid5.1.1
Code Distinguishability Up to 1080P@60fps
Play Mode Support loop playback, timing, interpolation and others
Txt Format TXT (doc)
Video MPeg1, MPeg2, MPeg4, sp/AP GMC, XVID, BP/MPHP, WMV7/8WMV9/VC1, BP/P/AP, VP6/8, AVS
Additional Function 3G Mode Interface 1xPCIE,1xUSB
WIFI USB WiFi mode, support IEEE802.11 b/g/n
Time Setting Yes
System Update USB update
Touchscreen(Optional) Capacitive touchscreen
Appearance Front Frame High quality super tempered glass( light transmisstance ≥98%)with super black frame
Outside Frame High Strength Aluminum(Tensile Strength>480Mpa)
Rear Frame Cold rolled sheet with black color
Outside Dimension TBD
Wall Mount Type Horizontal screen, Vertical screen(Optional)
Environment Working -10℃—50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃—60℃



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