Industrial LCD monitors

Industrial LCD monitor displays are equipment used in industry, which are very different from ordinary LCD monitor displays. The structural materials of industrial monitor displays are generally made of aluminum alloy, which has good heat dissipation performance. Industrial lcd monitor displays have high requirements on the environment. LCD monitor Displays must not only adapt to various industrial environments, but also maintain stable operation. With the continuous progress of society, the use of industrial monitor displays is becoming more and more extensive. Although the use is becoming more and more popular, many customers do not know much about industrial monitor displays, such as the common classification and uses of industrial monitor displays. Let me introduce the classification and use of industrial monitor displays in detail, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

  1. Embedded industrial monitor display: Embedded industrial display, as the name suggests, the device must be embedded in the customer’s product. The customer’s product must have a large and medium-sized control cabinet. Except for the display panel, the rest are embedded in the client equipment, and the back is fixed with a hook. The large-scale control cabinet must be installed according to the opening size in the embedded installation drawing of the industrial monitor display manufacturer.
  2. Wall-mounted industrial monitor display: The wall-mounted industrial display can be hung, not only can be hung on the wall, but also can be installed on the customer’s equipment. The display can adjust the angle according to the customer’s requirements. With a suitable mounting arm, industrial monitors can be mounted in any position for user viewing, and are generally used for small, medium and large equipment.
  3. Rack-mounted industrial monitor displays: Generally speaking, rack-mounted industrial displays are installed on cabinets, such as 19-inch cabinets, so their width is standard 19 inches, the mounting holes are standard, and the size is basically stable. Rackmount industrial monitors are generally used in large cabinets, such as telecommunications, power supplies, and large servers.
  4. Open-framed industrial monitor display: industrial monitor display has no frame, only internal display panel, customers are mainly used in small-sized equipment, the general display installation space is not large, such as ATM machines, commercial POS, etc., they are usually installed in customer equipment Inside.
  5. Embedded industrial monitor display: To put it simply, the embedded industrial minitor display is installed in reverse in the customer’s cabinet and equipment, and is a display installed inside the client device. Unlike the open industrial display, it is installed from the inside of the equipment, and its edge coincides with the edge of the customer’s equipment casing. Embedded industrial displays are usually used in large and medium-sized equipment, such as electric power, machinery and medical industries.
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