Industrial LCD monitor Applications

Main Application areas:
Industrial Automation: Designed with proper structure and built with industrial-grade components like high-performance CPUs, hard disks and other options to deliver reliable 24/7 operation in the most challenging factory conditions, with additional features like waterproof, dust proof, -30 to 85 ℃ wide temperature range and so on.
Oil and gas: it comes with a rugged, robust casing with aluminum or metal or stainless steel bezel to withstand the harsh environment like heat, cold, moisture, dust, vibrations, shock, acids, and detergents and more.
Food and beverage: Designed with touchscreen which can be touched with gloves. With aluminum or metal or stainless steel bezel to withstand high-pressure washes at a range of temperatures and resistant to chemical cleaning agents;

Mining: Designed with Highlight for underground use.

LOT: Embedded box computers designed by Amongo with slim and compact are playing an important role in the evolving IOT, enabling the connections between machines, people, things to be intelligent.

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