What are the typical sizes and resolutions of advertising LED displays?

The sizes and resolutions of advertising LED displays can vary widely based on the application and location. Here’s a broad overview of typical sizes and resolutions:

Typical Sizes

Small Displays:
Typical Use: Retail stores, shop windows, transportation information boards.
Dimensions: Generally range from 1 meter by 1 meter to 3 meters by 3 meters (3.3 feet by 3.3 feet to 9.8 feet by 9.8 feet).
Medium Displays:
Typical Use: Indoor advertising, lobbies, stage backdrops.
Dimensions: Generally range from 3 meters by 3 meters to 6 meters by 6 meters (9.8 feet by 9.8 feet to 19.7 feet by 19.7 feet).
Large Displays:
Typical Use: Outdoor billboards, sports stadiums, large event venues.
Dimensions: Can range from 6 meters by 6 meters to 12 meters by 24 meters (19.7 feet by 19.7 feet to 39.4 feet by 78.7 feet) or even larger.

Typical Resolutions

The resolution of an LED display is determined by the pixel pitch, which is the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels. Common pixel pitches include:

High Resolution:
Pixel Pitch: 1.2mm to 2.5mm.
Usage: Indoor displays where viewers are close to the screen, such as in retail environments or corporate settings.
Medium Resolution:
Pixel Pitch: 3mm to 6mm.
Usage: Indoor and semi-outdoor displays where viewers are at a medium distance, such as in shopping malls or as stage backdrops.
Low Resolution:
Pixel Pitch: 6mm to 20mm (or more).
Usage: Outdoor displays where viewers are far from the screen, such as highway billboards or large stadium screens.

Examples of Specific Resolutions

1080p (Full HD):
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels.
Typical Size: Often used in medium to large indoor screens.
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels.
Typical Size: Large indoor and some outdoor screens for high-detail content.
Custom Resolutions:
Resolution: Varies greatly depending on the specific dimensions and pixel pitch.
Typical Size: Custom-sized installations often found in unique architectural applications or large venue displays.

The choice of size and resolution for an advertising LED display depends on several factors, including the viewing distance, the type of content to be displayed, the intended impact, and the location of the display. Smaller pixel pitches provide higher resolution and are suitable for closer viewing distances, while larger pixel pitches are more cost-effective for larger displays viewed from a distance.

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