Adhesive LED Film Display

The transparent LED video film is self-adhesive, so it can be easily attached to the existing railing glass or window surface without any complicated additional steel structure.

This makes the installation extremely convenient, does not require complicated construction, saves labor costs, and the wiring of power and signals is also very easy and can be hidden naturally.

This is a great innovation to the glass. It adds a rich visual experience without having to renovate the glass space vigorously.

Super high transparency
The invisible PCB makes the transparency of the LED film screen up more than 95%.

When the product is installed and not opened, the transparent film and the glass are integrated perfectly well, without influencing the existing interior design at all, and the objects behind the glass are completely visible.

When the LED film is on, the played video can successfully attract passers-by and effectively convey various information such as advertisements or any activity reminders. Importantly, things behind the glass are still visible.

Adapt to both flat and curved glass
The transparent LED film supports convex and concave curvatures up to 2,000R.

It is not only suitable for flat glass, but also can be pasted on curved glass or windows.

This gives designers more scope of application and broadens their application occasions.

Ultra-thin and ultra-light
The thickness of the screen is less than 3mm, and the weight of the screen is only 1-3KG per square meter.

Using it is as simple as putting a poster on the wall.

Sufficient brightness
The standard configuration of the LED film with brightness up to 2,000nit(cd/m²)* makes indoor viewing very clear.

If it is attached to a window facing the outdoors, we can provide a choice of 5000 nits brightness, which is enough to attract passers-by outdoors to watch.

In addition, by cooperating with the brightness sensor, the controller can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment, so that it will not cause light pollution at night.

Excellent scalability
The size and layout of the film can be customized to suit different installation areas.

You can add more films vertically or horizontally to expand the entire size, or freely cut to meet special size requirements such as avoiding glass support frames, or special glass shapes such as triangles.

Excellent color performance
High refresh rate: refresh rate up to 3840HZ

High gray level: gray level up to 16bit

Full-color display, high color reproduction, and vivid display effect.

Powerful Novastar control system
Through the synchronization system, you can set up and control the content in real time.

Or you can choose to upload the contents by Cellphone through WiFi.

By clould, you can also remotely manage the video content on the transparent film displays in different locations and monitor their status.

Especially for a large-format transparent LED film, the Novastar system is particularly advantageous.

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