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    Industrial LCD monitor All-in-one Medical PC display for Hospital Healthcare Mobile Cart

    High-Definition Medical Grade Monitors.
    Industrial Control High-definition LCD screen,
    LED background technology
    IP65 dustproof& waterproof panel
    Colorful picture long lifespan

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    LED Screen For Stage

    1. Seamless splicing, Die-cast aluminum with CNC is finished, each cabinet has alignment hole and location pin design for installation and adjustable lock. Easily could achieve extreme precision and the dimension tolerance of less than 0.01mm.
    2. Light weight and ultra slim, installation and movement become much easier. And could help to save much cost and time.
    3. Fanless design, excellent natural heat dissipation could help to provide zero noise working environment. This is the best choice for indoor rental events.
    4. Cabinet design user friendly locking system, there is handles, quick locker and aviation plug, makes assemble quicker and easier.
    5. High refresh rate, Uniform color and high contrast ratio makes pictures and videos vivid.

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    Portable sewer pipe inspection with fiberglass push cable camera

    High cost-effective videoscope factory,
    Wear-resistant tungsten probe.
    Versatile & Portable, feature rich digital borescope.
    Variety and Portability.
    100% After Sales Service. Reliable Products. Fast Shipping

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    Protable 10.4Industrial Panel PC with Black Metal Case, Widows OS

    It is possible to download HMI program over wireless connection.
    It could support up to 5 serial port connection.
    Connecting with IP Camera over It could support up to 5 serial port connection, easily view anything from touch panel.
    Various Peripheral equipments support, to make the it more powerful.

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    Rackmount 15″ Industrial LCD Monitor

    Model number: LMI150WT
    Active display area: 304.1(H)mmx228.1(V)mm
    Resolution: 1024*768
    Brightness: 300 Nits
    Contrast ratio: 700:1
    Response time: 8ms
    Viewing angle: 85/85; 80/80(H/V)

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    Rugged 23.6″ Industrial LCD Display Monitor

    Model number: LMI236WM
    Active display area: 521.3(H)mmx293.2(V)mm
    Resolution: 1920*1080
    Brightness: 300 Nits
    Contrast ratio: 1000:1
    Response time: 5ms
    Viewing angle: 170/160(H / V)

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    Rugged Embedded 8″ Inch Industrial LCD Screen Monitor

    Good LCD Panel

    Multi-Signal Input

    Touchscreen Optional

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    Square 19 Inch LCD Monitor for CCTV Camera

    Environmental protection material-Impact resistance ,heat resitance, low temperature resistance.
    Good display ratio-let your vision more comfortable
    Higher color restore,more clear images ith a viewing,experience HD quality without dead ends.

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    Stadium LED Screen

    Signal connector
    High quality signal connector, long-lasting and good performance
    Power connector
    Waterproof Input and output connector with different color, friendly-use and safe
    Standing bracket
    Standing angle is adjustable stadning bracket is foldable
    Soft pad-Anti-collision, project LED panel
    Handle-Easy for operate
    Fast lock system-Make installation easy and simple

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    TFT Color 8.4 Inch Industrial LCD Monitor

    Model number: LMI084WT
    Active display area: 170.4(H)mmx127.8(V)mm
    Resolution: 800*600
    Brightness: 350~450 Nits
    Contrast ratio: 400:1
    Response time: 15ms
    Viewing angle: 70/70; 70/60(H/V)

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